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  • Framed House with Sheathing
  • Framing Lumber

Framing Lumber & Sheathing

As one of the largest building material suppliers in the Southwest, we offer a broad selection of quality, low-cost framing materials including dimensional lumber, engineered wood, roof and floor trusses, wall panels and specialty beams and timbers.

Our experienced team of Associates specializes in making sure your construction project runs smoothly and on budget. We provide framing materials for custom and production homes, multi-family, remodels and light commercial jobs. Our modern fleet of trucks and lifts ensure the right framing material is on your job site when and where you need it.


  • Dimensional Framing Lumber

  • Pre-Cut Studs

  • Timbers

  • Posts

  • Treated Lumber and Sheathing

  • Redwood

  • Cedar

  • MDF

  • 1” Pattern Boards

  • OSB

  • Plywood

  • Flooring

  • Radiant Barrier

  • Underlayment


*Product selection varies per store. Find a location near you for more detailed product information.