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Roof Trusses

Whether you’re a production or custom homebuilder, roof trusses reduce material waste, enhance structural integrity and provide building efficiency. Foxworth-Galbraith roof trusses are manufactured using the latest takeoff and engineering technology to ensure your project is built to specification and is structurally sound.

Foxworth-Galbraith provides roof truss design, strict quality control and job site repair to ensure your trusses are quality manufactured from start to finish. We offer job site delivery with a modern fleet so your trusses arrive on the job in the same condition they left our manufacturing plant. Our team of experienced Associates is dedicated to providing superior service and top quality trusses that will last a lifetime.

  • Every truss is engineered to meet or exceed government building code regulations.
  • All trusses are manufactured in an environment that ensures strict quality control and are third-party inspected.
  • Select premium-grade lumber is used for all truss web and top and bottom cords.
  • All truss joints are manufactured to within 1/16” to ensure optimal joint configuration.
  • All designs are certified and sealed by a Mitek Professional Engineer.

*Product selection varies per store. Find a location near you for more detailed product information.